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Friend offers colorful support for clerk candidate
Dereall Joyner
Dereall “Uncle Sam” Joyner campaigns for Jason Bragg on Aug. 11. - photo by Photo submitted
Whatever it takes to get attention to help people -- that's me.
Dereall Joyner

RINCON — Dereall Joyner is a character. In fact, he’s a bunch of characters all rolled into one.

On Aug. 11, Joyner was “Uncle Sam” while campaigning for Jason Bragg, a successful candidate for clerk of Superior Court in Effingham County.

“Whatever it takes to get attention to help people — that’s me,” Joyner said.

Joyner’s cast of characters includes Elton John and Michael Jackson. He has even mimicked females.

“I do that whenever we have a fundraiser at The Big Nasty (ATV Park),” he said. “I like to entertain people and get their attention so that they will focus on what is going on.”

Judging from the reaction of motorists passing him near his home on U.S. Hwy 80 near Faulkville, Joyner achieved his election day goal.

“Ninety percent were blowing their horns and I believe over fifty percent were taking pictures,” Joyner said. “People were hooting and hollering. There was a good amount of traffic but I wish I had been in Rincon (where traffic volume is higher).”

Bragg is the only political candidate who has benefitted from Joyner’s version of Uncle Sam. Joyner sported the long-sleeved red, white and blue outfit — complete with a top hat — for about three hours on runoff election day.

“I believe in what Jason is doing and what he stands for,” Joyner said. “I did it for him. Trust me, it was hot.

“My Lord it was hot!”

Joyner supported Bragg’s candidacy without hesitation.

“Jason is a super nice guy,” Joyner  said. “He is about like me and better than me. He would take his shirt off his back to help you.

“That’s just him.”

Joyner said he appreciates Bragg’s forthrightness and helpful nature.

“He’s honest and — if you don’t want to hear it — you had better not ask him because he is going to tell you the truth,” Joyner said.  “He will help coax you through whatever you’ve got going on. He and his wife, Rebecca — they spend a lot of time with us at the river. I just can’t say enough about them. 

"They are just super nice people.”

Joyner predicted he will don his patriotic costume again between now and the presidential election in November.

“I know I will,” he said. “You will see (President) Trump and the big (Republican) elephant somewhere.”