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Gateway returning to Rincon
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The Gateway Community Service Board announced recently the relocation of all operations in Effingham County.

Gateway’s new location for all services is now 108 West 8th Street in Rincon.

Gateway provides group therapy, counseling, psychiatry, and substance use disorder treatment out of the new clinic location. Gateway also has a community oriented day program for people with Developmental Disabilities, which also moved to the new location for their base of operations.

In addition to these traditional services Gateway has a Peer Empowerment Institute, suitable for people who have experienced any of the difficulties which Gateway addresses. The vision statement of the Institute is “A recovery community that can embrace all of those who strive to overcome life’s challenges and that encourages taking personal responsibility for our own lives and futures in recovery.”

Its mission: “To empower people to enjoy the most active, involved, and independent lives that they aspire to in recovery”.

When asked about hope of recovery at Gateway, “Is it just for recovery from substance use or from having a hospitalization?” Gateway’s CEO, Dr. Mark Johnson, answered, “The definition of recovery at Gateway is relatively simple and is useful for a lifetime: Individuals improve their health and wellness, live self-directed lives, and strive to reach their full potential. It isn’t restricted to having had difficulty with psychiatric symptoms, substance use, or a developmental disability. In fact, when you think about it that definition of recovery is suitable for everyone. It’s about living a healthy life seeking to be everything each of us can be.”

From this new location, Gateway provides mental health and substance use disorder programs and counseling as well as day services for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

This new location provides a fresh face for Gateway services in Effingham County as well as opportunities for growth of peer support programs and changes for day services programming to comply with upcoming new state guidelines.

Rufus Johnson, Director of Intellectual and Development Disability services for Gateway commented, “We’ve had some growing pains, but when the new space for DD is finished it will be a great drop in center and place for launching out into the community for activities.”

“The new state and federal regulations for IDD programs moves us from the traditional training centers to daily programs of community activities.  It is based on choice and person centered planning for people who attend the program. The goal is to be more community inclusive and to assist people in finding jobs and social activities.”

Maureen McFadden, Associate Director for Outpatient Services and Director of Child and Adolescent Services for Gateway noted, “Our staff and consumers in Effingham County are very pleased with our new facilities there. Gateway is grateful for the support of Mark Maier in securing and renovating the new space. We look forward to serving the Effingham community with the new location and expanded services.”

For more information on Peer Support Program, contact Elisa at 912-826-7469

For outpatient appointments, dial 866-557-9955

For more information about the IDD community based programs, contact Karen Morrison, Associate IDD Director at 912-414-0046 or the Effingham IDD Program at 912-826-7395.

Gateway will be hosting an open house at the new offices on Saturday, March 4 from 10 a.m.–12 p.m. The whole community is invited.