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Georgia DOT to hold SRTS fall call workshops across the state
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ATLANTA—The Georgia Department of Transportation is conducting a series of workshops statewide for local communities who intend to submit applications for projects that will enhance biking and walking conditions for students in grades K-8. Municipalities and school systems can apply for federal funds through the Department’s Safe Routes to School Program (SRTS).  
The workshops are intended to provide constituents with program information as well as the tools necessary to apply for the federal funds needed to aid their walking/biking student population. Schools are encouraged to submit applications to improve or install sidewalks, raised crosswalks, raised medians and traffic control devices. 
Any measure that will separate children from vehicular traffic or divert traffic from school zones is eligible for funding. Infrastructure funding is limited to $500,000 per application. However, schools must already be partnered with Georgia’s SRTS Resource Center. Schools that are not already partnered with the Resource Center can do so at the Workshops. Local SRTS outreach coordinators will be in attendance to further assist. 
Georgia DOT has hosted two workshops in Atlanta and Cartersville. The Department will host three more SRTS Infrastructure Application Workshops in September. The sessions will run from 10 a.m.-noon.
The workshop dates and locations are as follow:
Sept. 7 in Macon at Georgia DOT’s Area Four Office, 4499 Riverside Dr.
Sept. 10 in Tifton at Georgia DOT’s District Four facility, 710 West 2nd St.
Sept. 14 in Savannah at the Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission Office, 110 East State St.
Completed SRTS Infrastructure Applications must be received no later than 4 p.m. Nov. 23. The department anticipates that project selections and applicant notifications will be completed by March 2011. Questions about the call can be sent to 
Safe Routes to School is a national program to improve the health and well-being of children by enabling and encouraging them to walk and bicycle to school. With the support of parents, schools, community members, local, state and federal government, sustainable programs can be implemented. 
The program evaluates built environment around schools, conducts activities and funds projects that improve safety, reduce traffic and air pollution in the surrounding area of the school. As a result, this program makes walking and bicycling to school a safer and more appealing transportation option. 
Further information about the program is available at