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Guyton City Council conducts another serene meeting
Guyton City Council

GUYTON — The Guyton City Council conducted its second straight meeting without conflict Feb. 11.

Every item on the agenda that featured a vote passed unanimously, matching a feat accomplished Jan. 14 when three new members — Mayor Russell Deen, Hursula Pelote and Marshall Reiser — joined the council.

During the most recent meeting, Tina Chadwick was officially hired as city clerk.

“We have worked briefly together but we have been very pleased with her performance so far,” Deen said. “She has been a welcome member of City Hall. Things are improving everyday.”

Chadwick was also appointed pension secretary. 

Upon the recommendation of interim City Manager Brett Bennett, Linda Rineair was hired to help Chadwick transition into her new roles. Rineair had been interim city manager, working just a few hours per week, since December when Bennett was hired.

 “There is a lot of information to dig through from the past — finding documents and getting organized — and you can get bogged down in that,” Bennett said. “I would like to see Ms. Chadwick focus on things going forward and have Ms. Rineair help you guys get organized.”

 Bennett, in the midst of a 90-day contract, was charged with finding a permanent city clerk and vetting city manager candidates. The city manager hiring process is ongoing.

In recent months, hirings, firings and demotions of city employees frequently resulted in contentious votes with Michael Johnson, Joseph Lee and Dr. Franklin Goldwire opposing Mayor Jeff Lariscy and Steve Collins. Goldwire, Lariscy and Collins didn’t seek reelection.

The council approved the purchase of tablets (Microsoft Surface Pros) for the mayor and each council member. The total cost is $1,875.

The council also approved a rental/lease agreement for a bay in the city’s fire station. Fire protection in Guyton was taken over by Effingham County Fire & Rescue last fall after the Guyton Fire Department collapsed because of a severe personnel shortage. It was down to one full-time firefighter and a handful of volunteers.