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Guyton considers millage rollback
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Guyton’s city council may rollback the city’s tax millage rate for this year in response to residents’ concerns.

Alderwoman Brenda Lovett has proposed rolling back the city’s tax millage rate for this year to 2.246 percent from last year’s rate of 2.61. Because of the amount of revenue received from 2006 the city is able to rollback the millage rate and still have a surplus of $92,000.

“We have enough money received from last year,” Lovett noted.

The surplus for last year totaled $77,000.

She acknowledged that comments from the residents were the main factor in the proposal.

“Well, we looked at what we’re taking in and listened to our people in the Guyton area,” she explained.

Lovett said many residents of the small town are on fixed incomes and with the dramatic increase in tax assessments for this year taxes are on many residents’ minds.

“A lot of citizens are very concerned about the taxes this year,” she said.

The city council has yet to decide on whether they will indeed roll back the millage rate.