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Guyton continues talks with county
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Guyton officials are continuing their talks with Effingham County representatives on sewage plans, Mayor Michael Garvin said.

Many Guyton area residents have raised a furor over the city’s plans for a wastewater treatment plant. The city has had plans to build a 500,000 gallon-a-day treatment plant near Riverside Drive, leading residents to question the need for such a facility and its impact on the nearby Ogeechee River.

“Some of us are still pretty concerned about how it’s going to transpire and how you can pay for it,” Bill McCall said to Guyton council members.

Guyton has a $13.3 million loan from the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority to pay for the plant and the land needed. The city has an agreement with Springfield for an additional 100,000 gallons per day, in 25,000-gallon increments, in Springfield’s sewage treatment plant.

Guyton officials told McCall that, though those living outside the city limits may pay for the service once it’s established, but they are not responsible for paying for the land and the treatment plant. Guyton’s service delivery area for
water and sewer extends to Louisville and Honey Ridge roads, to Samuel Smalls Road and down to Little McCall Road.

“Whatever the city does, the county is not responsible,” city attorney Ramona Bartos said.

The fire service delivery area is different, Alderman Les Pevey explained, since it extends as far north as Griffin Lakes.

The city gets $35 per year per home to provide fire protection for the homes in that service area.

A proposed new service delivery area map for the three municipalities and the county has not been approved. In order for a new service delivery map to be approved, a majority of the entities must agree to it.