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Guyton Farmer's Market, July 8, 2023
Gary and Weston Fort
Gary and Weston Fort have 3 ½ acres of tomatoes on their farm just eight miles from Guyton. (Photos by Barbara Augsdorfer/Effingham Herald.)
Elizabeth Brandau
Elizabeth Brandau from Rincon was a first-timer at the Farmer’s Market with her homemade jams.
Dream On Honey Co.
Robbie Velasquez (left) and Matthew Towery offered honey from their Dream On Honey Co. in Guyton.
Maverick and Madelyn Smith
Five-year-old twins Maverick (left) and Madelyn Smith from Springfield pick up some “cakesicles” with mom’s approval.
Jays Heavenly Sweets
Nevada (left) and Raine Martin offered Jay’s Heavenly Sweets and Treats.
Guyton Farmer's Market crowd
Foot traffic and shoppers were plentiful before the weather got too hot at the Guyton Farmer’s Market on July 8.