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Guyton Girl Scout Troop 30197 makes their own lemonade pops
Submitted Scouts with Troop 30197 from Guyton show off their Lemonade Ice Pops.

Girl Scout Troop 30197 from Guyton and Girl Scout Troop 431 from Deltona, Fla., met for an afternoon at Savannah Square Pops. 

Girls enjoyed a tour of the shop and were given the opportunity to help make their own Tart Lemonade Ice Pops. Savannah Square Pops was named after the squares located in Savannah’s Historic District, so there are 22 flavors to try. 

Shop owners Judd Wiggins and Mark Taylor shared interesting facts about the pops and how they are made as they showed a pop of each flavor.  

The Milk and Honey pop has a unique honeycomb look and each girl was able to enjoy a sample. The Wright Square pop showcases a perfect slice of kiwi. 

The Cheesecake with Chocolate Drizzles and Blueberry Cheesecake were popular choices among the girls.   

Wiggins shared the map hanging in the shop that shows the locations Girl Scouts have traveled from to visit his shop that is now located at 344 MLK Blvd in Savannah, GA. 

Two more pins were added to the map to represent these two troops’ visit. As the girls enjoyed eating the pops they helped make, Wiggins entertained them with a few pages of Rhapsody In Blue on the piano. 

Girls wanting to join an Effingham County troop may email for more information.