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Guyton looking to put a stop to increased speeding
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The removal of several stop signs around Guyton has improved the flow of traffic, but it’s also meant more speeding — a lot more.

“Since we took the stop signs down, we knew it would be a problem,” Guyton Police Chief and interim city manager Randy Alexander said.

Alexander said his officers will do selective enforcement, going to different streets where stop signs were removed on different days and at different times.

“We’ve written numerous citations,” he said. “But it seems to be getting worse.”

One of the citations, the chief said, was for a driver doing 51 mph in a 25 mph zone.

Guyton citizens complained that there were too many stop signs, so police officers took out 13 stop signs along Magnolia, Pine and Church streets.

“We knew there would be a tradeoff,” Alexander said. “But it makes it easier to speed. Now there is more speeding. It’s getting to the point that it’s almost every other car.”

Alexander said he hopes the police department can get the word out that officers will be on the lookout for speeders.

“We want to work with the people,” he said. “We took the stop signs down, but we need the support of the people.”
Guyton residents told Alexander and city council they appreciated the improved flow of traffic.

Alexander said he does not want to put in speed bumps on those streets where stop signs were removed. Damage to cars caused by speed bumps is often dumped in a city’s lap.

“I won’t recommend speed bumps because of the liability to the city,” he said.