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Guyton recount set at 1 p.m.
election qualifying

GUYTON -- A request has been made by a candidate for the Guyton City Council Post 1 seat to have the ballots recounted.

The election superintendent believes this is a justified request due to the very close results of Tuesday's balloting.

If the tally ends in a tie, this racet will be added to the run-off ballot scheduled for Dec. 3.

 The ballot recount will take place at 1 p.m. today in the Leisure Service Room, 505 Magnolia St.. This will be open to the public. 

In the Post 1 race, Marshall Reiser has a 215-214 lead over Tamela Mydell with the validity of two provisional ballots undetermined.

The Post 2 runoff will include Andy Harville and Hursula Pelote. Pelote cane out on top Tuesay by a 200-175 margin. Michael Gerwig wound up a distant third.