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Guyton updates one contract, adds another to help with wastewater treatment plant


In a special called meeting by the Guyton City Council Thursday afternoon, Mayor Jeff Lariscy and the other members of the council updated a contract with Hofstadter and Associates and agreed to a new contract with Parker Engineering to help with the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Back in January of 2008, the Guyton City Council agreed to a contract with Hofstadter and Associates to help with the Wasterwater Treatment Plant – this updated contract was voted on by the council Thursday and approved.

“We originally contracted for a larger plant and had agreed to a contract with Hofstadter to engineer and build that and then reduce the size of the plant but the contract never got updated,” Guyton Mayor Jeff Lariscy said. “This is kind of playing catch-up a little bit.”

The new contract outlines the responsibilities of the engineer and of the obligations of the city.

“There are cost-savings realized in this new adjustment – that is a good thing,” Mayor Lariscy said to the council. “The other thing that I think (Lauree) Morris wanted to bring up is we’re well into the project already and have already been invoiced a number of dollars. I think she would like to put that into consideration that we look at those amounts as already paid.”

“That is correct,” Morris said. “Hofstadter provided us with a budget analysis back in November telling us what amounts we owed to them. This budget analysis needs to be attached to the contract as an additional attachment.”

After Morris’ comments, the council unanimously approved the updated contract.

As for new business on the special called meeting agenda, the council voted on and approved to a contract with Parker Engineering.

“As Mr. (Mike) O’Neal is the Public Works Superintendent for the city, he has been monitoring the construction as best he could,” Mayor Lariscy said. “At the same time, he is extremely busy in the city trying to make sure everything is working adequately here with a small staff. To better monitor things for the city, we have reached out to Parker Engineering to provide those services for the city to monitor the progress of the plant and verify that things are moving along as they should.”

Mayor Lariscy added that having Parker Engineering assist with the overseeing of the plant will free up O’Neal to do more that he needs to attend to, as well as give Guyton an engineer in the field making reports back to the city.

The next meeting of the Guyton City Council will be in February.