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Guyton won't renew contract with Republic
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Guyton’s city council may have opened the door for a new waste disposal service contract.

Council members voted Wednesday not to automatically renew the city’s contract with Republic Waste Service and are pondering a proposal from Waste Management, Inc.

“Waste Management seemed to have been the lowest bid on the contract,” Guyton Mayor Michael Garvin said.

Garvin added he has talked with Rincon City Manager Donald Toms about the Waste Management proposal, since Rincon also has an offer from the company. Waste Management bills itself as the largest provider of waste and environmental services in North America.

Garvin said Rincon officials have checked into Waste Management’s background and its service with current clients.

“They haven’t had any problems,” he reported.

Said Alderman Les Pevey: “Everyone I talked to has not had bad input. Everything I’ve heard has been positive.”

Guyton council members discussed complaints with Republic representatives last month. Council members broached such things as missed pickups and leaking hydraulic fluid.

Said Alderman Brenda Lovett: “Citizens have complained about the service they receive from Republic.”

“We mentioned the fluid leakages,” Alderman Jeff Lariscy said of a recent meeting with Republic officials. “Their response was (the trucks) were maintained as well as they can be and they’re going to leak.”

Alderman Phillip King said the leaks were of greater concern in the subdivisions than on the major roads because of the damage it could do to the streets.

“Republic has tried to keep up with their promises,” he said, noting they haven’t always followed through.

As part of Waste Management’s draft contract, the company would post a performance bond to cover street repairs from leaks.

Waste Management’s base price per household cart is $9.74. Republic’s contract, with a base of $10.60 per household cart, calls for its price to increase along with the consumer price index, not to exceed 3 percent, while Waste Management’s proposal has the same stipulation with a ceiling of 3.5 percent.

“Are we giving the citizens a better deal and are we getting what we want as far as reliability?” King asked.

Republic has a provision for a free one-time pickup of large items, which Waste Management does not. Waste Management does have a clause to begin curbside recycling.

The current contract with Republic automatically renews for another five-year period unless council members inform the company they do not intend to renew it by Jan. 1. The current contract with Republic expires in March.