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Hathaway speaks to Exchange Club on American Values

Members of the Exchange Club of Effingham County were treated to quite the guest speaker at their meeting Thursday afternoon as Effingham County High School student, Sierra Hathaway, gave a speech as part of the Exchange Club’s annual speech competition.

Hathaway was the lone speaker in the competition as the other scheduled speaker, Darius Scott, was ill and could not attend.

After lunch was served, Exchange Club President Julian Pace introduced Hathaway and laid out the rules for the competition.

Pace explained that the theme of the speech must promote American values and express ‘Americanism’, also noting that the speech parameters are the same as the ones at the district and state level.

The speech must be between five and eight minutes in length.

Hathaway gave a speech on the opportunities that we as Americans have that citizens of other countries do not.

She explained that “millions who are serving or have served in the military give us these opportunities”.

Hathaway noted that the Bill of Rights is “the best thing our country has” and discussed a number of freedoms we have, such as freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

“We need to remember that we are one Nation under God and that our America is ours,” Hathaway said to conclude. “We are the future due to these rights – we can continue the American Dream.”

Following her speech, Hathway was given a judgment of her performance by the three judges provided.

Hathaway will now have the opportunity to perfect her delivery and timing as she prepares to give her speech again at the state level.