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Hill offers Georgia budget update

Senator Jack Hill traveled to Effingham County Thursday to serve as the guest speaker for the Rotary Club of Effingham County during their annual weekly meeting.

Following lunch, the meeting officially got underway and Sen. Hill was introduced and brought up to speak by Rep. Bill Hitchens.

Hitchens spoke glowingly of Sen. Hill and stated that anytime he had a question or issue about the budget, Sen. Hill was there with his office door open willing to discuss the matter with him.

Sen. Hill began his speech to the Rotary Club by telling them that the State Government had been busy drafting and working on the new budget and that the 2018 fiscal year budget would take effect on Saturday, July 1.

Sen. Hill then went into detail on the $25 billion state budget, which represents a $1.26 billion increase in total state spending from last year’s budget - an increase of 5.3 percent.

 Highlights of the budget include $111.2 million in the midterm adjustment to fund student enrollment growth in public K-12 schools and state charter schools, $108.7 million for the Department of Transportation from new state general and motor fuel funds, $50 million for the One Georgia Authority for the creation of a new Cyber Security Range, $28.6 million for child welfare services and $27.2 million to provide a 20 percent salary increase for state law enforcement officers and salary increases for public safety trainers and criminal investigators.