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Jeremiah Still, retired army special operations officer for District 4 Commissioner
Jeremiah Still
Jeremiah Still

Special to the Herald


Retired Army Special Operations Officer Jeremiah Still has announced his candidacy for Effingham County commissioner representing the 4th district in the upcoming 2024 Republican primary. With a distinguished 20-year career in special operations and a deep commitment to community, Still brings a wealth of leadership experience and a people-first mindset to his campaign.
A resident of Effingham County since 2011, Jeremiah, alongside his wife and four children, has been an integral part of the community, embodying the values of service, integrity, and results. Drawing from his combat leadership experience, Still emphasizes a people-first approach to leadership, ensuring that the voices and needs of the community are at the forefront of decision-making.
With a background in managing Department of Defense contracts and projects, Jeremiah possesses the expertise needed to understand and navigate large-scale projects crucial for the future development of Effingham County. Despite his professional credentials, he remains grounded in his commitment to preserving the county's rural charm while fostering growth and progress.
What sets Jeremiah Still apart is his unwavering integrity and independence. With no financial or family ties to the county that could sway his judgment, voters can trust that Still's decisions as commissioner will be solely in the best interest of the community he serves.
In an interview, Jeremiah expressed his belief in the importance of local government as the cornerstone of American society. He emphasized the need for professional leadership to build strong relationships locally and regionally, ensuring effective utilization of state and federal resources for the betterment of Effingham County.
When asked about the challenges facing the county, Jeremiah highlighted the need for a growth model that balances development with the preservation of community values. Drawing from his experience in managing federal contracts, Still stressed the importance of respecting and effectively utilizing public funds to address the county's infrastructure needs while ensuring the thriving of family life within the community.
Jeremiah holds a Master of Systems Engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and is a certified project management professional recognized by the Project Management Institute. Currently serving as an operations manager for an aviation software company, Still's blend of military leadership, professional expertise, and community involvement positions him as a strong candidate for Effingham County commissioner.
As Effingham County stands at a crucial juncture in its history, Jeremiah Still's candidacy offers a vision of leadership grounded in service, integrity, and a commitment to the well-being of the community. With his candidacy, Jeremiah aims to continue his legacy of service to the nation by ensuring the prosperity and resilience of Effingham County for generations to come.

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