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Leading with Experience: Effingham County’s Tax Commissioner Candidate Kelly Hoffner
Kelly Hoffner
Kelly Hoffner is running for county tax commissioner. (Submitted photo.)

Special to the Herald


In the heart of Effingham County, a dedicated woman with a vision stands poised to transform the role of Tax Commissioner. With a fervent commitment to community service, Kelly Hoffner (Republican) brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the forefront of local politics.

Formerly a supervisor of the Effingham County Tax Office, Kelly left to ready herself for the upcoming election. (From Kelly’s exit interview at the Effingham County Tax Office, 

“Kelly is an excellent employee. She is self-motivated, a quick learner and gets along well with other co-workers. I wish her well in future endeavors. She will be missed.”) She understands the intricacies and challenges of the system from the ground up. Her leadership and experience within the office have honed her abilities to navigate its complexities and identify areas for improvement. Kelly’s platform is centered on four pillars: accountability, transparency, communication, and customer service.


Prompt and Accurate Billing:

Recognizing the frustration and confusion that can arise from billing discrepancies, Kelly pledges to implement rigorous systems and checks to streamline the billing process. Using advanced technologies and continuous staff training, she aims to minimize errors and maximize efficiency, providing taxpayers with the clarity and reliability they deserve.


Community Education and Communication:

An informed community is an empowered one, and Kelly pledges to establish initiatives that educate taxpayers about their rights and responsibilities. Military veterans, among other groups, may have a lack of understanding regarding tax breaks they are entitled to. By fostering open lines of communication through town hall meetings, informative newsletters, and online platforms such as a new departmental Facebook page, Kelly wants to bridge the gap between the tax office and the community it serves.


Rebuilding Relationships:

Kelly recognizes the importance of strong relationships with local departments, including the Tax Assessor’s Office and other government entities. Through collaborative efforts and a spirit of mutual respect, she aims to rebuild and strengthen these vital connections, fostering a culture of cooperation and synergy that benefits all stakeholders. Working hand in hand with other departments, Kelly believes that Effingham County can achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in serving its residents.


Growth and Development:

Effingham County is experiencing rapid growth and development, and Kelly is committed to ensuring that the tax office embraces innovation and modernization by implementing cutting-edge technologies and best practices that improve service delivery and enhance taxpayer satisfaction. Strategic planning and forward-thinking initiatives will position Effingham County’s tax office as a model of excellence in the region.


Accessibility for All:

To ensure better accessibility for senior citizens and those with mobility challenges. Kelly pledges to implement measures that make it easier for all to access tax services. Through community outreach, expanded online services, and dedicated support staff, Kelly is committed to ensuring that every taxpayer, regardless of age or ability, receives the assistance and support they need.


With a steadfast commitment to accountability, transparency, communication, and customer service, Kelly offers a compelling vision for the future of the tax office—one that is inclusive, responsive, and dedicated to serving the needs of all residents. Effingham residents can choose a leader who will uphold the values of the community and lead it towards a brighter tomorrow.

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