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Lightning catches Rincon home on fire
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A lightning bolt struck a house in Rincon Sunday night, causing a fire that engulfed the structure and destroyed the home.

The home, located on Katie Court in Rincon, was empty at the time and no injuries were reported.

The family who lived in the home was at church when the fire began.

As of now, fire officials are still completing their investigation and are unsure as to where the fire started.

On Monday, additional lightning strikes kept the Rincon Fire Department busy as they responded to calls about lightning strikes.

With the department being limited by the amount of firefighters they employ, the numerous calls stretched their manpower a little more than normal.

The thunderstorm began its downpour on the area around 4 o’clock Monday afternoon and lasted over an hour. During that time, the Rincon Fire Department received five calls, of which three were for lightning strikes.

One call was to report that a lightning strike had struck an apartment building off of Highway 21 - during the time the firefighters were responding to that call, another bolt of lightning struck trees and caught them on fire not far away.