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McKinney: Obamas backing of Barrow is hypocritical
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Rincon — Barack Obama’s endorsement of U.S. Rep. John Barrow is “hypocritical and nothing more than politics-as-usual” according to candidate for Congress Ray McKinney.

“How can the presidential candidate who always talks about change now endorse the status quo candidate for Congress?” said McKinney (R-Savannah).  

“I can see how supporters of Regina Thomas might feel betrayed. Sen. Thomas and I disagree on several issues, but I admire her honesty and courage to speak what she believes. She deserves better than blatant hypocrisy from both Barrow and Obama.”

McKinney pointed out that state Sen. Thomas is much closer to Obama than Barrow on several important issues.

“It really looks like Obama is rewarding Barrow for being one of the first super-delegates to endorse Obama last February,” McKinney said. “Whatever the reason, Obama is supporting a candidate who disagrees with him on the Iraq War, Bush’s tax cuts and a number of other key issues. This isn’t change. It’s quite simply more politics-as-usual.”

McKinney said the Obama endorsement doesn’t bode very well for 12th District voters concerned about high gas prices. Obama has joined House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in denouncing calls by Sen. John McCain and President Bush to allow off-shore oil drilling.

“I doubt very much that Barrow will go against Obama on this issue, especially now that he has Obama’s endorsement,” said McKinney.

“Until the U.S. starts tapping its own oil reserves, we’re going to see gasoline and diesel prices continue to hit all time highs, and we’ll have to keep depending on countries like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela for oil.”