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Morgan leaving council seat
Morgan Scott
Scott Morgan

Scott Morgan addressed his fellow Rincon City Council members at a called meeting Monday night to inform them he was leaving his post.

Morgan, who has been a council member for 10 years, has built and moved into a home near Clyo.

“It has been a pleasure serving the citizens of the City of Rincon for the past 10 years,” Morgan wrote in his resignation letter. “I am grateful to have served with other members that share in the vision of what’s best for the City of Rincon.

“I feel that the City of Rincon is better today than it was 10 years ago, and I am very happy that I have been able to be a part of that,” he continued. “I have enjoyed my time on Rincon City Council and am honored that the citizens of Rincon have believed in me and the job I have done during the last 10 years. As one who goes to church in the city, owns property in the city, owns a business in the city, and whose parents still live in the city, I will always be an advocate for the City of Rincon moving forward as I have been while serving on Rincon City Council.”

Morgan is co-owner of Savannah River Mortgage. He also was serving as mayor pro tem on the city council.