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Petsense adoption site finds home for 20 cats and counting
Melissa with Petsense shows off “Clyde,” who is up for adoption through a program with the Effingham County Animal Shelter. - photo by Photo submitted

SPRINGFIELD – Cats move fast, especially when they are displayed at one of the Effingham County Animal Shelter’s business partners – Petsense.

Manager Matt Latta developed the idea for his store at 410 S. Columbia Ave. in Rincon to become an animal adoption site. He presented it to Animal Shelter Director Lorna Shelton a few weeks before the store opened late last summer.

“We started taking kitties over there (in August) as soon as we had them,” Shelton said. “Usually, every one of them is adopted within a couple of days.”

Petsense assistant manager Kristen Bronnenberg said the longest the store has kept a cat is four days.

“I think that was because he was kind of like a grandpa grumpy cat but he did find his forever home,” she said.

Twenty felines have been adopted through the program so far.

“It’s kind of a different atmosphere than going to the (shelter),” Bronnenberg said. “I think that helps.”

Cats in the program are kept in the store and cared for by Petsense employees, making adoptions possible every day of the week during business hours. The store also keeps animals from other rescue agencies on site.

Petsense customers who adopt a cat at the store receive a coupon book filled with savings opportunities on related items.

“It’s a one-stop shop,” Shelton said. “You can get your kitty, your litter box, food bowl and little carrier all at one place. It has been a really wonderful program that has helped adopt a lot of cats out.”