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Ricker to run for Mayor of Rincon

Former Rincon Mayor Pro-Tem and current Rincon City Councilmember, Christi Ricker, has announced that she is running for the position of Mayor of Rincon.

Ricker’s candidacy comes after numerous years serving on the council.

Her priorities in her campaign will include the city’s beautification and growth, water and drainage and maintaining safe roads.

While these will be a focus of her campaign, Ricker does not limit herself to only those platforms – she has an overall vision for the city with a wide-reaching plan.

“Roads and drainage are very important,” Ricker said. “I truly believe water and sewer should be our number one concern, because you can’t live without it. I am very pleased that we are putting in a new water tower now and upgrading our sewer plant. I attended the Georgia Rural Water School just last year to learn more about the process.”

Ricker, who is also a local business owner, has been married to her husband, Brian, for 20 years. They have two daughters, Alexis (18) and Alaina (15).

“I love our city and I am committed to the success and well-being of Rincon, as well as those who live here,” Ricker said. “I want to see carefully planned growth, a focused beautification plan and of course, safety is always a top concern. I want to ensure that residents and businesses continue to thrive and work together to build a city where we are happy, productive, safe and proud to live.”