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Rincon completes Lions Club building deal
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The city of Rincon has purchased the Lions Club Building on Lexington Avenue through a lease-purchase agreement with the Rincon Lions Club.

The deal becomes final on Nov. 30.

“It’s going to take some significant work to bring it up to where you will want it to be,” City Manager Michael Phillips told city council members Monday night. “But it does have some tremendous potential.”

The purchase of the Lions Club Building is expected to give the city the opportunity to expand its youth and indoor recreation programs. Additional baseball and softball fields may enable the city to accommodate more leagues in play and batting cages for day and evening use. The Lions Club purchase also will provide more opportunity for future growth such as a summer day camp recreation program. 

The Lions Club Building will be managed as a part of the Rincon Recreation Department and will provide more space for the daily operations of the recreation staff. The facility also will be used as a training and meeting site for coaches, umpires, participants, parent meetings and sign-ups, and possibly as an indoor soccer court for a winter league. 

Rental of the larger indoor space will be available to the general public and a kitchen area is available. The city will begin a makeover of Lions Club Building within the next few weeks. The outside area of the property behind the building could be used for yard-sized chess and checkers and for shuffleboard for the different age groups and other uses not so directly tied to the ball fields. The front of the property also may help alleviate some parking congestion at the main parking lot. The use of the property will also alleviate some drainage and sewer system problems in the area.    

The Lions Club Building is currently used by a local Boy Scout troop for meetings and some other activities, and the troop’s use at the Lions Club Building will continue for some time. The Scouts may relocat to the Vernon C. Hinely Community Center Building when improvements are completed at that location.

Those with interest in new recreation programs and the use of the building are asked to call Recreation Director David Wooten at 826-0238 or contact Phillips by phone, e-mail and by mail and share any related questions.