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Rincon council debates privacy fence issue

One Rincon family’s request to build a privacy fence on their property was a long-debated issue at Monday night’s Rincon City Council meeting, where HOA representatives, neighbors and council members all had their input heard.

Gregory and Patricia Mitchell requested a variance to Article III, Section 82-64 for the installation of a fence located at 815 Walthour Drive, a property that they own. The property, which is zoned as Mixed Use (MXU), has been in their possession for years and a few years ago, they decided they wanted to put up a privacy fence on their property — the only problem was that the city’s water main was within the parameters of the property that would be on the inside of the fence, meaning that any work that may need to be done on the water main in the future would require the city to need permission to enter the property inside the fence.

What seems like an easy issue to resolve has been met with challenges over the last few years and on Monday night, new issues from the council arose.

One such issue is that if the fence is locked and there is no way to open it, whoever is sent to fix the water main would be unable to gain access.

The answer to that, according to the Mitchell’s, is that they would install a double-locked fence where the person sent to fix the main (or simply check it) would be able to access the water line.

Following this solution idea, the problem of a future owner permitting the city to have the same access arose.

The council argued that if the Mitchell’s were to ever sell their house, the person who would take ownership of it would need to permit the city the same access, but without knowing if the person would agree to those terms, the issue was still unresolved.

The council heard statements from the Mitchell’s as well as neighbors and other landowners in Lost Plantation, many of whom were there in support of the Mitchell’s.

After over an hour of discussing the topic, the council voted to table the issue to a future date.

Following the debate on the fence, the council approved a number of requests.

Titan Townhomes, LLC requested the subdivision of 48 townhomes in Carlisle Village, located on Karima Circle and were granted approval by the council.

A second reading of a petition to annex a 27.52 acre parcel of land located on Hwy. 21 and owned by Marlene Penton, Gloria M. Wood and Stephen H. Murphy was also approved by the council.

EMC Engineering Services’ request for approval of Work Order for the LMIG 2017 paving project in the amount of $17,000 was approved, as well as R.B. Baker Construction’s pay request in the amount of $118,532.82 for Hwy 21 ROW improvements.

The next meeting of the Rincon City Council will take place on Monday, May 22.

All meetings of the Rincon City Council take place at the court room of the Police Department Building on 107 West 17th Street.