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Rincon gets changes in special flood hazard area
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There have been changes in the boundaries of the special flood hazard area for Rincon, and the city is set to notify citizens of the changes and their impact.

Rincon Building Inspector Travis Grubbs presented the changes to city council last Monday and said there are now 33 houses affected by the changes.

The new boundaries also include two churches and three townhomes.

Grubbs said that if you were now considered to be inside a flood zone and have a federally funded mortgage, you would need flood insurance. Being located inside a special flood hazard area means the home has a 1 percent chance of flood damage.

“We are surrounded by water,” Grubbs told council members what he thought as he drove around Rincon during the recent heavy rains.

He said that the city is now in a 90-day appeals period and that if anyone believes they might have mitigating circumstances, they should consider making an appeal.

Council members also chose Ann Daniel as mayor pro tem for 2010.

Police Chief Mike Bohannon also introduced the latest addition to the force and told council the department is now considered to be fully staffed.

Council members also may reschedule a presentation by Waste Management on a recycling program for the city.