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Rincon sees more growth on the way
0106 RCC inauguration 2
Rincon Mayor Ken Lee, right, administers the oath of office to city council members James Dasher, Reese Browher and Paul Wendelken on Tuesday night. - photo by Photo by Calli Arnold

Two returning council members and one new member were sworn in Tuesday night at the Rincon City Council inauguration ceremony.

Right hands raised, seasoned councilmen Paul Wendelken and Reese Browher, and council freshman James Dasher, a former Board of Education member, declared their commitment to “faithfully perform the duties as a council person of this city.”

“I’m excited about it,” said Dasher about his next four years on the council. “I know all these guys. I’ve been knowing all of them for so many years, and I’m just excited to have the opportunity to work with them.”

The mayor shared Dasher’s sentiments.

“I’m excited,” said Mayor Ken Lee. “We’ve got some of the greatest experience with Mr. Wendelken and Mr. Browher. They’ve both got a lot to offer this council and have for many years.

“And Mr. Dasher, I’m excited to see James coming on board. He has the background with the school board, and I think his knowledge of the community and his strong ties to the community offer a lot to this council.”

With council intact, Lee said he believes Rincon is poised for growth in 2012.

“I feel like the city of Rincon is better positioned than most municipalities,” he said. “I expect that we’ll see a continued growth in Rincon, and I think at a faster pace than we have probably for the last two or three years. I expect to get back to what we had five to eight years ago as far as growth. But we’re going to see. I feel like we’re positioned for that, we’re ready for that.”

He said that while the recession and economic slowdown were difficult, it also gave Rincon an opportunity catch up with the breakneck expansion from the years prior to the recession.

“Actually, this time when the economy has been down some has given us an opportunity to catch our breath,” Lee said. “Prior to this, we were growing at such a rapid pace; it was very difficult for us to keep up with it, to be able to provide services at the growth rate that we had. So this has given us an opportunity to catch up a little bit.

“So I think when things to start picking up — and I expect them to start doing so this year — I think we’ll be better prepared for it and I look forward to it.”