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Rincon set for a show for July 4th
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It’s been three years since there was an official fireworks show in the county for Independence Day festivities. Rincon City Council, however, may be adding to its Freedom Rings celebration.

Council members approved a contract Monday night with Effingham County-based Falcon Fireworks for a show June 26 at Freedom Park and also approved a contract with Peachtree Laser for a laser show on the same night.

The city of Springfield held an annual fireworks show, staged by Falcon Fireworks, but has not had one since 2012.

Falcon Fireworks is planning a show to run 15-20 minutes, according to Rincon city planner Lameisha Kelly, and the cost is about $1,000 a minute. The contract for the fireworks show is $15,185, and the laser show expense is $16,500.

City staff and officials went through fireworks show training last month, learning what it takes to put on an event, Kelly added.

“They can shoot with a little rain and with a certain amount of wind,” she said.

The city is working with Peachtree Laser on the songs to be played during the laser show.

“They’re going to do something different with the show, so it’s custom graphics,” Kelly said.

Council members questioned parts of the Falcon Fireworks show, particularly the clause on rescheduling in case of inclement weather. The original contract included a 15 percent fee if the show is pushed back of weather but there was no such clause if the event was scrubbed for other reasons. The contract called for the city to get up to full credit for the show and have a makeup date within one year of the originally-scheduled show.

Council members also wondered what would happen if they knew a few days out that weather would interfere with the show.

“If it starts raining at 8:30 that night, that’s a different story,” said council member Paul Wendelken.

City attorney Raymond Dickey recommended negotiating the 15 percent rescheduling fee because no date for inclement weather was listed.