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Rincon sets budget, keeps millage at zero
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Rincon’s millage rate will continue to be zero after city council adopted the 2008 budget.

By a 5-0 vote, council members approved a $2.8 million general fund budget and won’t be needing property taxes to cover it.

Council member Paul Wendelken, who campaigned for re-election on his desire to keep the millage at zero, expressed his happiness at the city being able to hold the line on property taxes, even as the city grows and its needs grow.

“We try to meet their requirements in a financially beneficial manner,” he said.

The largest expense item in the general budget is the police department, at almost $1.2 million.

The utility fund, which is separate from the general fund, has a budget of $4.5 million. Rincon has pegged $1.8 million to go toward tertiary treatment improvements at the wastewater treatment plant. The tertiary level allows for reuse water.

Special purpose local option sales tax funds are expected to bring in more than $1.8 million. Of that, recreation will take up the largest chunk, at $465,750, with expenditures for streets at $417,000.