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Rincon UMC Relay For Life team giving cancer the flush
purple potty 1
This purple toilet is helping Rincon United Methodist Church raise money for Effingham County's Relay For Life. - photo by By Paul Floeckher

You might say that Rincon United Methodist Church’s Relay For Life team is taking the fight against cancer sitting down.

That’s not to say they aren’t taking it seriously. Quite the opposite – they’re putting the campaign on a throne.

Hoping to “flush away cancer,” the church is raising money for Relay For Life through its purple potty campaign. A team of volunteers – affectionately dubbed the Purple Potty Posse – is placing a purple toilet in the front lawns of people they know, who can then have it removed in exchange for a donation to Relay For Life.

“We are having so much fun with it,” said team captain Teresa Colanero.

The purple potty is accompanied by a “You have been flushed!” note, explaining that a “loving friend” requested it be delivered to that particular person.

“Flushees” then have one of several options: keeping the purple potty in their yard for three full days; having it removed for a $10 donation; having it removed and placed in someone else’s yard for $15; having it removed and buying insurance not to receive it again for $15; or having it removed and placed in someone else’s yard and buying insurance not to receive it again for $20.

“It’s not just fundraising, it’s spreading the word for Relay For Life. If someone sees a purple toilet in a yard, they wonder, ‘What’s that?” said Beatriz Miranda, the American Cancer Society’s community manager for Effingham County.

The campaign began on Feb. 29 and has been a big success, with more than $500 in the can so far. The purple potty has been making the rounds, appearing in front lawns in Effingham, Chatham and Bulloch counties.

Looking for a creative fundraiser in her first year as Rincon UMC’s team captain, Colanero said she got the purple potty idea from the Relay For Life website ( She then recruited the Purple Potty Posse moving crew of Chad Chaffin, Katie Chaffin, C.J. Chaffin and Corinne Colanero.

“I was looking for any unique ideas that had not been done around here, and this was definitely one,” she said.

“I honestly think this is one of the most creative fundraisers I’ve seen in Effingham County,” Miranda said. “Teresa really does have the spirit of Relay For Life.”

The campaign has evolved into a true community effort, as other Relay For Life teams in Effingham County have suggested “flushees” and made donations.

 “Other teams are buying into it,” Colanero said.

To donate or participate in the campaign, contact Colanero at 228-1604.

And, for those who might wind up disappointed that the purple potty doesn’t show up in their yards, they will be able to see it at the Relay For Life.

“It will be there,” Colanero said.