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Rincon water issue a major problem for City Council

At the regularly scheduled meeting of the Rincon City Council Monday night, the council heard comments about and voted on a number of issues.

One such issue was a discussion of water billing issues that have recently plagued numerous citizens of Rincon, including those who reside in Williamsburg, Stephanie Avenue and St. Andrews Road.

Residents in those areas addressed the issue to the council and explained that over the past year, there have been inconsistent charges on their water bills that do not accurately reflect the correct amount of water that they feel they use.

For many at the meeting Monday night, the amount charged to them on their bill ranges from $200-$400 every month but on occasion, they will receive a bill that is double and sometimes triple that amount.

Speaking to the council, they explained that there needs to be an overhaul on the way the city bills the citizens so that these issues do not continue.

After listening to the various testimonies given by those citizens who are having issues, the council concluded that a viable option would be to include on the back of the water bill a description of how the bill figure is calculated and that any problems with the bill from this point forward will be handled by Rincon City Manager, Wes Smith, and his staff.

Along with the water bill issue, the council also voted to approve a Resolution to recognize Ebenezer Creek as an Outstanding Natural Area of Local, State and National Value. The resolution was brought forward by Lewis Taylor.

A request to appear before the Council to acknowledge July as Park and Recreation Month for all Effingham County Parks by Clarence Morgan was also given approval by the council.

Also, a request for approval from the Rincon Police Department to purchase a K-9 in the amount of $14,500 was approved. The K-9 is still in training but will have a service life of about 7-8 years and will be available later this year or in 2018.

The Rincon City Council meets every second and fourth Monday of the month.