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SCAM ALERT: Man falsely claiming to be Port Wentworth police officer seeking money
Scam alert

PORT WENTWORTH -- The Port Wentworth Police Department is aware of a scam that a “Lieutenant Duma” who claims that he is with the Port Wentworth Police Department’s Civil Processing Division and is calling citizens from a phone number of 912-642-2581. He is requesting that citizens pay a large sum of money via a cashier’s check in court fees for Failure to Appear for missing Superior Court at the Port Wentworth Police Department.

Other citizens may have received similar calls from the same subject stating that they are a part of a fraud or forgery, and they would have to pay the police department to get out of the investigation by withdrawing large sums of money via an ATM and bring it to the police department.

The Port Wentworth Police Department does not have a Civil Processing Division and will never require anyone to go to an ATM to withdrawal a large amount of money to bring to the police department.

If anyone has any information regarding these calls or has received similar calls is requested to call their local police department or the Port Wentworth Police Department at 912-964-4360.