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School zone violations plummet with automated speed enforcement technology
school zone sign
SPRINGFIELD -- In October 2021, the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office began implementing a school zone automated speed enforcement program.
The purpose of the program was to reduce the number of speeding vehicles traveling through the school zones, thus reducing the likelihood that a child might be struck by a vehicle. After the initial five-day study, it was clear there was a need in Effingham. During the speed study 7,717 vehicles were observed speeding in excess of 10 mph through school zones.
The school zone safety program included six schools, with one or more school zones at each school location (nine school zones). Effingham County, in conjunction with Blue Line Solutions LLC, established an extensive program that emphasizes public Information, education and enforcement with the goal of 100 percent compliance.
Each school zone where this program was implemented has experienced at least a 65 percent reduction in speeding vehicles, with the highest reduction being 98 percent in the South Effingham Elementary school zone.
The only discrepancy was Marlow Elementary that experienced a slight increase in speeding vehicles between the warning and enforcement phases due to construction of a new intersection. Traffic increased in this school zone by 6,415 vehicles per week with only a slight increase in speeding vehicles.

This program thus far, has reduced the number of speeding vehicles among all school zones overall by 94 percent, making Effingham County a much safer place.