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Scout motto pays off for leader during eclipse
Ranger George reads a book about eclipses while keeping on eye on a live NASA feed of Monday's eclipse.

Lisa Scarbrough didn't let cloudy, rainy conditions overshadow her efforts to teach Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts about Monday's solar eclipse. She was fully prepared to shine a learning light on the day through other activities at Camp KT Wallace near Guyton.

Scarbrough worked hard to obtain special glasses for eclipse viewing that the boys ended up not needing.

"We tried. We really tried," Scarbrough said at 2:45 p.m., the time the eclipse reached its cloud-shrouded peak.

"I'm so heartbroken they aren't going to get to see the actually eclipse, but Mother Nature is going to do what Mother Nature is going to do and I can't do anything about it."

Still, she managed to salvage the occasion through planning that started in July.

See the Aug. 23 edition of the Effingham Herald for more details.