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Spring 2020 Dean's List
georgia southern

STATESBORO — Georgia Southern University recently recognized approximately 4,200 students for excellence in academics on the Spring 2020 Dean's List. To be eligible for the Dean's List, a student must have at least a 3.5 grade point average and carry a minimum of 12 hours for the semester.

List qualifers include:

— Timothy Mcconnell of Bloomingdale 

— Braeden Cribbs of Guyton

— Nicholas Spencer of Rincon

— Meredith Clements of Springfield

— Logan Tovar of Rincon

— Tiana Gordon of Savannah 

— Holly Puckett of Rincon 

— Danielle Criswell of Clyo 

— Alexis Pratt of Rincon

— Bryce Findley of Springfield 

— Ryan Thompson of Rincon

— Avery Beacham of Rincon 

— Alexus Litchfield of Guyton 

— Megan Small of Rincon 

— Makayla Bacon of Newington 

— Adam Bryant of Rincon 

— Sheldon Froehlich of Rincon

— McKenzie Rahn of Springfield 

— Chloe Phillips of Rincon 

— Tori Defoe of Springfield 

— Bailey Thompson of Rincon 

— Abigail Floyd of Bloomingdale 

— Jalin Garvin of Rincon 

— Haley Johnson of Bloomingdale 

— Taylor Cocke of Rincon 

— Madison Cocke of Rincon 

— MacKenzie Bragg of Guyton 

— Rachel Hartmann of Rincon 

— Joseph Connolly of Guyton 

— Arianna Fournier of Rincon 

— Andrew Allen of Bloomingdale 

— Ryan Redding of Bloomingdale 

— Alison Cannon of Bloomingdale 

— Brandon Cribbs of Guyton 

— Mason Oglesby of Rincon 

— Kaylee Shuman of Guyton 

— Abbey Sikes of Springfield  

— Anna Snooks of Springfield

— Chloe Auman of Statesboro 

— Austin Caddick of Guyton 

— Joshua Cipleu of Rincon 

— Amelia Dye of Springfield  

— Haley Fowler of Rincon 

— Vindra Rampersad of Rincon 

— Carli Porter of Guyton

— Jeremiah Summitt of Rincon 

— Emma Wheeler of Rincon 

— Kayli Woods of Guyton 

— Noah Burnham of Rincon 

— Zharia Williams of Springfield 

— Sarah Freeman of Guyton  

— Genelle Joseph of Rincon 

— Micah Hartzog of Rincon  

— Keira Petermann of Bloomingdale 

— Brittany James of Guyton 

— Elizabeth Morgan of Clyo 

— Jack Cohn of Rincon

— Madison Brewton of Bloomingdale 

— Kara Fennell of Rincon 

— Gavin Smith of Springfield 

— Jesse Rogers of Bloomingdale 

— Trinity Kirkland of Springfield  

— Cason Smith of Guyton 

— Katie Nelson of Guyton 

— Cooper Hesling of Clyo 

— Timothy Gaskin of Guyton 

— Rachel Mixon of Guyton 

— Javan Carboney of Guyton 

— Samantha Finn of Rincon 

— Kasharia Paulk of Guyton 

— Tyler Venegas of Rincon 

— Baleigh Fennell of Rincon 

— Ernest Clifton of Rincon 

— Kimberly Coleman of Rincon 

— Megan Mitchell of Newington 

— Tony Williams of Rincon 

— Wendy Carter of Guyton 

— David Richardson of Guyton 

— Alyssa Deloach of Guyton 

— Daniel Wilson of Rincon 

— Morgan Rushing of Guyton 

— Anna Allred of Rincon

— Zachery Rahn of Eden

— Kelsie Brown of Guyton 

— Brooklynn McCall of Rincon 

— Taylor Lockhart of Rincon 

— Kayla Dickerson of Rincon 

— Spencer Jenkins of Rincon 

— Alexa Harig of Guyton

— Reagan Benton of Bloomingdale 

— Alexandria Shearer of Eden 

— Timothy Signal of Guyton 

— Nicholas Bidwell of Guyton 

— Ashlyn Beasley of Guyton

— Sydney Slaughter of Bloomingdale 

— Hannah Douglas of Guyton 

— Anthony Beck of Guyton 

— Carson Hunt of Guyton 

— Kala Costin of Guyton

— Abbey Slingluff of Bloomingdale

— Rachel Bright of Springfield 

— Peyton Gracen of Guyton  

— Kristen Brown of Bloomingdale

— Austin Brant of Rincon 

— Devan Dixon of Springfield 

— Payton Rahn of Rincon 

— Logan Sapp of Guyton

— Dylan Pettigrew of Rincon 

— Rachel Wyman of Rincon 

— Baleigh King of Springfield  

— Erica Cribbs of Guyton 

— Sandra Greenbaum of Rincon  

— Emily Ward of Rincon

— Devin Caldwell of Guyton 

— Alex Royal of Bloomingdale 

— John Youmans of Guyton  

— Rachel Malcom of Guyton 

— Caitlin Exley of Rincon  

— Weston Oliver of Rincon 

— Cody Ly of Rincon

— Christopher Hutchinson of Bloomingdale

— Alexandra Wallis of Guyton 

— Roshawnia Dejesus of Rincon 

— Josette Louder of Guyton  

— Sarah Pierce of Guyton 

— Kenya Ponce of Guyton 

— Tesia Lawson of Rincon  

— Taylor Pevey of Guyton 

— Danaj Zigic of Bloomingdale 

— Noah Hendrix of Guyton 

— Adriana Smith of Guyton 

— Chad Vanbelkum of Guyton 

— Austin Davis of Guyton 

— Jacob Carroll of Guyton 

— Ayla Pitts of Bloomingdale 

— Nicole Schaut of Guyton 

— Alessandra Roccapriore of Rincon

— Sara Gonzalez-Ventura of Rincon 

— Alexander Bennett of Guyton 

— Morgan Brown of Rincon 

— Erykah Spriggs of Guyton 

— Jordan Wallace of Springfield 

— Camille Vernava of Guyton 

— Gunnar Tyson B of Brooklet 

— Luna Varner of Guyton 

— Kristen Miller of Springfield 

— Aliyah Miller of Guyton 

— Kaylee Clay of Bloomingdale 

— Samantha Benton of Bloomingdale 

— Katelyn Cartrette of Guyton 

— Alexis McIntyre of Guyton 

— Angelina Blanchette of Rincon 

— Brianna Sullivan of Rincon 

— Olivia Fedie of Guyton

— Lindsey Kelly of Springfield 

— Justin Andrews of Bloomingdale 

— Madison Bennett of Guyton 

— Kira Byrd of Springfield 

— Madison Carroll of Guyton  

— Haley Casey of Rincon

— Ryan Clements of Guyton  

— Parker Clifton of Springfield 

— Maya Cooper of Rincon  

— Rebecca Edwards of Rincon

Jaclyn Emry of Guyton

— Austin Fulcher of Springfield 

— Kimberly Gates of Guyton 

— Amanda Gower of Guyton 

— Kayden Gower of Guyton 

— Jakob Gross of Guyton

— Victoria Hall of Guyton 

— Jordyn Kicklighter of Rincon 

— Savanna Landis of Rincon  

— Hailey McCullough of Rincon 

— Hector Miranda of Rincon 

— Nkai Mitchell of Rincon 

— Darrell Muse of Rincon 

— Cailey Newman of Guyton 

— Jordan Purkiss of Rincon 

— Michaela Rahn of Springfield  

— Harlee Rewis of Guyton 

— Angel Roberson of Guyton 

— Miguel Rodriguez of Rincon 

— Micherlly Santiago of Rincon 

— Wyatt Smith of Springfield  

— Gracie Sommer of Newington 

— Kaisha Strickland of Bloomingdale 

— Kayton Usher of Guyton 

— Ekagra Verma of Rincon 

— Grace Whitley of Rincon 

— Edward Wright of Rincon