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Springfield candidate questionnaires
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Editor's note: Here are the questionnaires we have sent out to candidates and their response sent back to the Herald.

Max Neidlinger
Eliminate property taxes with a very conservative working budget.

If not able to eliminate taxes, at least give senior citizens an exemption up to $150,000 of their property taxes—age 65 and older.

Purchase order system needs to be introduced to city hall!

Springfield Revitalization needs support of all council members.

It is very important we support our museum in Springfield. It is a real gem and we all can enjoy as well as future generations.

I feel the citizens should make the decision on liquor by the drink sales in restaurants with a Referendum on ballot.

Recreation has always been a high priority for the city of Springfield and I feel this needs to continue.

I support annexation of Highway 21 into our commercial district. This is something we are in critical need for our city. We need stores, restaurants, etc.

Water rates on low-end use needs re-addressing, they are presently set too high!

I will support a county-wide water commission.

 Jeff Northway
1. Water and sewer — This is the number 1 issue the city is trying to work on, it is very complex and confusing. I think the city would be better off using a company that works with these issues everyday to give the city a 10 year growth plan and negotiate with our EPD issues. We do not need to run any sewer or water outside the city limits without annexation. We need to look and fix our tiered water bill system.

2. Economic opportunities — With the new city manager coming on board, we need to balance the budget, we need to see what our financial situation  is. We need to concentrate on our downtown area business concerns and problems, to see what they would like the city to help them prosper. We need to look at the 21 bypass for the future growth.
I do support the idea of no more city taxes. I support the Historical Society.

3. Recreational opportunities — This a big area that needs drastic improvement. We need productive ideas from all residents children and adults to get some good ideas. During my campaign I talked to many over the age of 50 adults who were talking about programs for them. We need community involvement.

4. Roads and transportation — I am not familiar with the transportation issues in the city, but the roads and drainage ditches need improving, some of the problems of the ditches are an easy fix, cut the weeds, flush the drainage pipes. We need to keep our right of ways looking good, One way to solve this is to use 1 city employee and a work gang from the prison system to keep our city clean, this would certainly help  our business in the city.

What specific quality or qualities do you bring to the position?
I manage very large commercial construction projects, that have to be managed with schedules, budgets, labor costs and most importantly the byout of materials. I also have the will to succeed and work for the citizens of Springfield. I have been working in the construction industry for 33 years. I will plan and use our resources very cautiously and effectively. The city council needs to go back to working for the people not their own special interest. I have been working with the community in thes areas Effingham County FFA Alumni President, Fair Committee, South Eff FFA pals program. The best quality I have is I  am a US Marine.

Would you support a referendum to allow liquor by the drink sales? Why or why not?
yes, I only will support this referendum for a restaurant 60% food 40% liquor, I would not support any liquor stores or bars in the city limits. I would like to see a restaurant on the 21 bypass that our citizens would have a choice to eat dinner in our city, whether you purchase liquor or choose not to is your choice.

Bubba Rahn
1. Water and sewer — Wow, a huge issue. The key here is making sure that Springfield comes first when we get into discussions and not giving away the bank. Our system has problems and we must work to remedy them soon or it will be too late. With the EPD limiting our withdrawals and sewer capacity we must all sit down and figure out a way to work with the county, Rincon and Guyton to keep these problems from escalating. Again, we need to worry about Springfield first.
The older parts of our water system really need work and funds for that must be secured soon. We are lacking the supply rates needed for fire protection in some areas and that is not acceptable. All of our city should be covered by fire hydrants. I can be fixed. But not by ignoring it.

2. Economic opportunities — The fact is that Springfield has that small town feel and I want to keep it that way while attracting economic growth at the same time. The city is currently setting guidelines for the historic preservation of the older parts of town and I am really excited about that process and what it can do to keep our city beautiful. Commercial properties are needed but we need to keep it in the proper areas. Everything has it's place in Springfield. I am willing to help all the pieces fit.

3. Recreational opportunities — The children are our future. I see too many young people without a place to go and  play safely with good supervision. Moms and Dads just can't be there all the time so where do they go? Lets make sure that our youth have areas to play and that the parents want to come out and play with them. Ulmer Park is a great place and I believe we can make it so much more with proper planning.

4. Roads and transportation —We have excellent roads in Springfield. A few problems here and there, but nothing major. If we continue to keep on top of them when they do pop up I don't see where there needs to be much change. The biggest thing is making sure when roads are built or improved that the contractor fulfills his duties and we don't get handed a bad product. If money is paid for the work then the job should be as close to perfect as obtainable before it is accepted.

What specific quality or qualities do you bring to the position?
Since my family has been living in  Springfield for 4 generations I consider this city and it's people as one of my best qualities. I am a product of Springfield. As far as other qualities go I have managed multi-million dollar projects around the southeast and learned a lot from some good people during them. I have the ability to listen to the points to consider and make the decision based on what is best for our community. Having served as a volunteer firefighter for 19 years in Springfield I have seen our citizens at their best and worst. My compassion for all in our city is my biggest asset.

Would you support a referendum to allow liquor by the drink sales? Why or why not?
I will support a referendum on the liquor by the drink sales issue. I remember when Effingham County had the task of bringing the beer and wine sales issue to the county. Although I was against sales of beer and wine in the county at that time, I  was realistic about what the citizens wanted. When we have diversity in our population we are obligated to tune our ears to all. Not just the few who have the loudest voices. This is too large an issue for a few to make. All persons must have their say in this matter.

Tim Uzupan

1. Water and sewer — Ensuring safe and adequate drinking water and the proper disposal of it is of the utmost importance. Without this you cannot have economic growth.

2. Economic opportunities — Springfield needs to continue to make itself attractive to new business. Not only jobs but the tax revenue they bring. But any new business must be positive for Springfield with the services it requires.

3. Roads and transportation — Roads that are of major importance to the city are sate and county roads. Keeping a good working relationship between both of these is the most important thing Springfield can do to assure itself of proper roads.

4. Recreational opportunities — I would like to see a new park built on the south side of Stillwell Rd. on land the city already owns. This would help protect children from having to cross busy streets to get to Ulmer Park.

What specific quality or qualities do you bring to the position?
I know how to compromise when the time comes. Any time you deal with public issues you must know when to give and take. But the welfare of Springfield must always come first.

Would you support a referendum to allow liquor by the drink sales? Why or why not?
I would support a referendum. I’m in favor of the public having their voice being heard on such a sensitive issue.