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Springfield council considers resolution

The Springfield City Council met Tuesday, June 13 for a regularly scheduled meeting and voted on a number of issues brought forth from citizens in the community as well as numerous zoning ordinances.

Before the meeting began, the council held a public hearing to hear comments both for and against a request to rezone from R-2 Zoning classification certain real property owned by Janie Tebeau Irrevocable Living Trust to R-3 Zoning classification.

The rezoning would allow the building of properties on three parcels of land. Numerous citizens who opposed the rezoning made official comments to the council, with many citing the need for less traffic on McCall Road – they felt that the additional properties would bring in more people to the area, thereby creating more traffic and congestion.

After hearing comments on the issue, the council voted to deny the request to rezone.

Next, the council heard comments from residents living on Azalea St. in Springfield who requested that the street remain closed at the intersection of McCall Road and Azalea St. due to drivers coming onto the street at high speeds, sometimes even crossing onto resident’s properties because of the speed they are driving.

Although there has been a temporary roadblock at the intersection, residents feared that it would not last and that the problem would continue to occur. After hearing comments, the council voted to permanently close the intersection, leading to loud applause from attendees of the meeting.

The council next heard a request by Lewis Taylor to approve a resolution to recognize Ebenezer Creek as an Outstanding Natural Area of Local, State and National Value. Taylor wrote the resolution himself.

The council obtained copies of the resolution and noticed minor wording issues that would need to be changed in order for them to adopt the resolution – Taylor stated that he would make the corrections and present the new resolution at a future meeting.

In new business, the council voted on a number of issues.

The council voted to approve a motion for Mayor Alderman to sign the updated Official Zoning Map.

The council voted to approve a motion to adopt the FY2016 Budget Amendment amending Ordinance Number 2015-08, General Fund, containing estimates of revenues and expenditures changes for Springfield, Georgia for the Year beginning January 1, 2016 and ending December 31, 2016.

The council voted to approve the Intergovernmental Agreement between the City of Springfield and the Downtown Development Authority of the City of Springfield.

The council voted to approve a resolution to appoint a Prosecuting Attorney of the Municipal Court of Springfield.

The council voted to approve a reappointment or appointment of Non-Public Representative for Effingham County to serve on the CRC Council.

The next meeting of the Springfield City Council will be July 11 at 6 p.m.