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Springfield not happy with state plan for Laurel
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The Springfield City Council discussed proposals Tuesday to remove truck traffic from Laurel Street.

The city received a proposal from the Department of Transportation that would widen the intersection at Laurel Street and Highway 119.

Director of Public Works Lowell Morgan told the council he looked at the plan and does not view it as a good idea. The DOT has told him it wants to take away the parking area in front of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church and also take the parking out of the other side of the street to create a larger turning radius.

“(Springfield Police Chief) Paul Wynn looked at it today and he didn’t like it at all, because it leaves a lot of space in front of that old service station, which is what causes a lot of problems,” Morgan said.

Mayor Barton Alderman said he did not like the plan because it reduces parking and will increase the risk of traffic accidents at the intersection. He said it also does not help to get the truck traffic off Laurel Street, which is the intended goal.

The council also discussed finding the lost name for a road south of the cemetery near the Springfield United Methodist Church. Councilman Charles Hinely told the council he would look on old maps to see if the
no name road had had a name before the next council meeting, and if he couldn’t find one, he would like to have the road named.

Morgan told the council a resident told him the street had a name, but the resident could not remember the original name of the road.

The council members also received a draft of the ordinance that will create a city manager position. The council is receiving applications for the position until June 1.

Councilman Dennis Webb told the council there were several applicants for the position.
Councilman Kenny Usher said the one change he would like to make would be to change the title in the ordinance from city administrator to city manager.

“I talked to (City Attorney) Mr. (Charles) Barrow about it and it’s not a legality or anything, but I would like to just change that to city manager,” Usher said.