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Springfield OKs contract to expand for reuse water
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The Springfield City Council approved a contract for $471,544 with E&D Enterprises for the re-use expansion at the city’s wastewater treatment plant.

The bid was the lowest submitted, and EMC Engineering suggested approving the contract.

“All the bids are pretty much in line,” Mayor Barton Alderman said. “There is not as much of a discrepancy as we see a lot.”

The members failed to approve a resolution concerning county Commissioner Reggie Loper’s nomination to a regional water council.

“We passed a resolution at the last meeting giving our support along with the county, the municipalities, the IDA, to nominate four people to the regional water council,” Alderman said.

He said the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia nominated Loper to the council, and the county requested that the city approve a joint resolution supporting Loper.

Council member Butch Kieffer said he didn’t understand why the council was being asked to pass a second resolution if Loper was not included in the first resolution.

Alderman said the original resolution came from an ad hoc committee that has representatives from the various local government bodies in the county, Georgia Power and Georgia Pacific.

“We thought that we needed the a few names to throw out because there are going to be 25 appointees,” Alderman said.

He said that the committee felt that instead of each governmental agency making individual recommendations “if we could get together and come up with two, three or four people who are acceptable, and all the entities get behind it we would have a lot better chance of getting some appointees from Effingham County.”

Kieffer said he thought the council already did that. Alderman said this was something separate that has come up.
City Manager Brett Bennett said the city has been asked to show its support for Loper in addition to the other nominees for the water council.

Alderman said in the resolution the city would not be nominating Loper.

“It says that we support his appointment,” he said.

But the resolution failed due to lack of a motion.