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Springfield takes high bid for land next to spray field
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Springfield City Council members approved the high bid for an acre parcel of land adjacent to the spray field site at their July 8 meeting.

“This is the land, the one acre next to the spray field, that we declared surplus,” Mayor Barton Alderman said. “We had it surveyed out, and had a public auction. We only had one person here to bid on the property.”

He said the bid for the land was $25,000 by Miles Bunch Jr. The bid will pay for Springfield’s cost in the land.

Members approved a request to rezone 5.02 acres on Highway 21 from residential to business classification.

The public hearing was held prior to the council meeting. No residents came to the hearing to speak on the matter.

Alderman said the planning board recommended the rezoning.

The council appointed Katherine Barksdale to the planning and zoning committee. Council member Charles Hinely brought Barksdale’s name to be appointed.

Alderman thanked her for her service.

“I hope Charles explained to you what you’re getting yourself into,” he said.

Members discussed a way to make sure residents are aware of how lawn trash pick up is now handled. Hinely asked when pickup is and how the residents were notified of the changes.

Bennett said the lawn trash is picked up on the same days as council meetings, and the city put it on the water bills and the city newsletter.

Residents must now call city hall when they have lawn trash to be picked up on the designated days.

Hinely said he was told if the resident has not called city hall, the trash will not be picked up and asked what would happen if there was a pickup that was called in and another next door that was not called in.

“I understand that they are at this point,” Bennett said. “We are trying to get the (residents) to the point that they call in. We’re trying to get the habit broken of just expecting it because they may not know.”

Bennett said he believes the new policy has been on the water bill twice.

Hinely said the complaints he has received are from people who don’t understand the new system. Bennett said the instructions could be placed on every water bill.

He said the city chose this system to try to save the residents money for trash pickup and is trying this method to see if it works.

“It’s kind of a trial thing,” Bennett said. “I think there’s a lot of people who don’t even realize that service is available, and we’re trying to get that message out.”