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Springfield to give police new computer power
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The Springfield City Council approved the purchase of five laptop computers for the police department Tuesday.

Police Chief Paul Wynn told the council there have been some problems recently with the desktop computers, and when the server was checked, the space would have lasted approximately three months. The current laptops are about six years old.

“These laptops will replace the laptops they have now,” Wynn said. “What this will do is officers can do their reports in their vehicles, and we’re working to get them Wi-fied into our network.”

He said the laptops the department currently has are not enough to do this anymore.

Wynn said the laptops the department plans to purchase would be a maximum of $650 each, for a total of $3,250. The funding will come from the police department’s technology fund.

City Manager Brett Bennett said it will allow the officers to stay out on patrol instead of being required to come back to the office to fill out reports after each incident.

“They can park on the side of the street, continue running radar, and do what they’re doing being ready to respond and write their reports in the field,” he said.

The council also discussed the recognition for the Alpha Battery that is scheduled for March 3.

Council member Butch Kieffer told the council there will be a parade to send off the troops. There are plans for musical entertainment to take place next to the Police Department.

The city was asked to give $100 to purchase flags to hand out at the parade, and council members unanimously approved the request.