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Springfield's call for fireworks help answered
EFACEC makes sizable donation to holding annual show
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For the fireworks cause
The following people and businesses have contributed to Springfield’s annual fireworks show:
Atlantic Track and Turnout
Dr. Lynn’s Family Practice, P.C.
Mayor Barton Alderman
The Law Office of Dennis Dozier
Kelly’s Tavern
Breland Well Drilling
JL Hardin, Inc.
St. Boniface Catholic Church
Employees of the city of Springfield
First Baptist Church of Rincon
Kenny and Diana Usher

Springfield’s annual Fourth of July fireworks show will go on as planned.

Springfield City Council announced last month that it needed donations from the community in order to hold the event — and City Manager Brett Bennett said they’re closing in on the goal.

“The council had made a decision that if we didn’t get at least half the funding for the fireworks that we probably couldn’t have them,” Bennett said. “We’ve received almost the full funding from outside sources. I hope it’s a start for a continuation of things to come.”

The city asked for donations from businesses and individuals and got its largest contribution from one of the county’s newest employers. EFACEC, the Portuguese manufacturer soon to open its first U.S. plant in Effingham County, has given the city a donation of $6,000 to go toward the annual celebration.

“I think it’s a positive statement,” said Springfield Mayor Barton Alderman. “It shows EFACEC really
wants to be here.”

Donations from businesses and private individuals totaled nearly $3,000, much to Alderman’s delight. The city first sent out letters asking for support on Feb. 24 and sent other missives requesting help on March 31, April 17 and April 21.

“There’s been such an outpouring of support for it,” he said. “I’m really impressed and very pleased that we have had the response from private citizens and businesses. Our city employees even took up a fund.”

The fireworks show, which has been since 1999 and is staged at Effingham County High School on the Saturday before July 4, annually draws a large crowd. Alderman worried that if the city had not been able to stage the fireworks show this year that it would have been difficult to bring them back in the future.

“I’m thrilled we’ll be able to have it,” he said. “Anytime you’ve had something that continues and you stop it, it’s really hard to get it started again, unless you have a tremendous outpouring from the citizens.”

Guyton also approved a $500 donation, and Effingham County commissioners approved spending up to $5,000 for the fireworks show — which is staged by an Effingham County resident.

“I’m also pleased we had such commitment from Effingham County,” Alderman said. “I think that shows a county-wide commitment that our commissioners supported funding it the way they did.

“We’ve gotten donations from churches, businesses, private individuals. Guyton gave us a donation. I’m so happy we had the outpouring of support. I’m very hopeful that with this support, this is something that can be held well into the future.”