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The adventure of a lifetime: A cross-country trip on foot

Last week, many citizens of Effingham County came into contact or saw from a distance two characters walking the roads and streets of the community.

It turns out that Effingham County was just the beginning of their long, cross-country trip.

Amanda Autrey and Kolton Rackham are attempting to walk from Tybee Island to New Port Richey, Oregon.

Why would anyone do this, you ask? They are doing it to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation and the Suicide Prevention Foundation through donations they receive along the way.

Amanda and Kolton expect to reach their destination sometime in late August.

Due to Thursday’s intence weather, the two needed a place to stay for the night.

 They were able to weather the storm at the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office, where Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie provided them a space to rest.

Should you run across them in your travels, please take a moment to wave and say hi.