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Tree, limbs crash into house Sunday morning
tree down 2
A pecan tree fell Sunday morning into a South Railroad Avenue home in Springfield, but the occupants got out unharmed. - photo by Photo by Pat Donahue

A Springfield home was rendered inhabitable when tree limbs crashed through it Sunday morning.

Emergency personnel responded to the South Railroad Avenue residence around 10:30, Springfield Fire Chief Travis Zittrouer said.

“It pretty much crushed the porch,” Zittrouer said.

A limb about three to four inches in diameter went through the roof and was sticking out of a bedroom ceiling. Two people were at the house when the tree fell, including the resident’s mother, who was asleep in the bedroom where the tree limb came through the ceiling.

Zittrouer said there were high winds in Springfield on Sunday morning.

“It was a pecan tree,” he said, “and they’re known to go at any time, without any rhyme or reason.”

There were gusts of 10-15 mph, Zittrouer said, and while it may not seem like much, “in the right situation, it will knock half a tree down.”

A portion of the tree is still standing, he said.