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Update: Guyton Elementary School gas leak
Effingham County Board of Education

By the Effingham County School District

The Effingham County School District will welcome back all Guyton Elementary students, faculty and staff  Thursday.

We are very grateful for the collective efforts of the Effingham County Emergency Management Agency, Atlanta Gas Light, our local fire department and staff members of the Effingham County School District’s maintenance department.  Together with Guyton Elementary’s faculty and staff, these organizations played key roles to ensure the safety of our students while working to identify the source of the gas leak on school grounds. 

We would like to offer a special note of gratitude to the Atlanta Gas Light Company for the speedy and successful repair of their gas line.  Their prompt and efficient response will allow Guyton Elementary to resume their normal school activities tomorrow in a safe and secure environment. 

Finally, we extend many thanks to the affected families of GES for their patience and understanding as all parties worked to resolve this matter.  Our school district is honored to serve all of our families in protecting and educating our children!