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Upset Rincon residents take up road issue with city

Many Effingham County residents made their way to the Rincon City Council meeting Monday night to appear before the council to discuss the streets in Bent Tree Crossing subdivision.

The residents of the subdivision, led by Maegan Hakes, explained to the council that their two roads in the subdivision are currently fine but that if something is to go wrong with them, there is no current entity (Effingham County Commission or Rincon City Council) who would take ownership of the roads.

The problem the residents are having is that when they moved into the subdivision, they were unaware that any expenses needed to fix their roads in the future would come from their own pockets, taken up through HOA fees.

The residents complained that they were unaware of any HOA being set up in Bent Tree Crossing and that they don’t want to be on the hook if anything were to go wrong.

One by one, residents took their turns stepping up to the podium and addressing their concerns to the council. They felt that their home value will decline if there is something wrong with the condition of the roads.

The Council discussed the matter and came to the conclusion that in order for them to do anything, the owner of the subdivision will need to get involved and meet with the council and the residents at another date.

The council moved onto other issues and approved many agenda items, including approving two additional police officer positions for the Rincon Police Department, awarding the Headworks Construction project contract to BRW Construction Group, LLC, in the amount of $911,970, and approving a motion to purchase portable radios for Council members to use during severe weather events.

The next meeting of the Rincon City Council will be on April 24 at 7 p.m.