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Voting twice doesn't bother Springfield residents
Melanie Stone Bobby Dean
Melanie Stone and Bobby Dean sign in to vote in Springfield’s municipal referendum on liquor by the drink sales. - photo by Photo by Sandi Van Orden

Residents of Springfield voted to approve liquor by the drink sales Tuesday by a vote of 160 to 102.

There were 45 absentee and provisional ballots that were not counted Tuesday night, but even if all of those votes were cast against the measure it would still have passed.

Having to go to two voting locations did not stop residents from voting on the referendum.

Randy Wright, a Springfield resident, said the referendum in the city was just as important as the county, and it wasn’t’ a “big issue” to go to two different places. He said he may have felt differently if there were long aits at both of his voting locations.

Michelle Asher said that it wasn’t a big deal to go to two locations since the two were so close together. Springfield residents vote at the Board of Education office in county elections.

Melanie Stone said she voted yes on the measure, and it wasn’t a problem to go to two locations.

Cathy Singley also voted yes on the referendum but said it was inconvenient to go to two locations.

“It was a pain,” she said.

Singley said she didn’t realize until she was at the county voting location that she also had to come to the city, and rushed to make it before the polls closed.