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Winston Hencely continuing to improve from injuries

Following a stint in the ICU last week due to pneumonia, Winston Hencely is continuing his recovery from injuries sustained in a bombing at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan that occured in November.

Over the last week, Hencely has been improving and his condition has been known thanks to Facebook posts from his mother, Vicki Hencely.

On Friday, she posted that Winston was able to begin eating “real food” after having been fed via chest tube prior.

“He was able to eat some real food today...mashed potatoes with gravy, applesauce and strawberry cheesecake! He was so excited!! He is still doing well with the speaking valve and the next big step is to get that removed 100%. Physical therapy also had him sitting up in the bed with his legs to the floor and if he feels like it we’re gonna get him in a sling tomorrow to help him stand up. Our soldier is one tough warrior!”

The following day, Vicki posted that Winston was able to speak without the use of a speaking valve.

The good news continued on Christmas Day.

“Another good night and his voice is starting to come back and he is excited about that and so am I,” Vicki posted. “Today we’re just going to be with our soldier and count our blessings! It’s a very different Christmas this year and it’s not about the gifts, it’s all about how the good lord has begun to heal our soldier!”

On Monday, she posted that Winston has continued to eat solid foods and that he is looking forward to getting to rehab.

Those goals were echoed Tuesday.

“He had two servings of peach yogurt and fruit bowls this morning for breakfast and is anticipating the arrival of physical therapy - he is wanting to go get in the sling to try and stand up,” Vicki posted. “If everything continues to go well and we have no set backs, we are looking to move on to rehab next week.”

Hencely is a 2014 graduate from ECHS and a local hero.