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A busy week for the Senate
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The following bills passed the Senate last week:
• S.B. 366: Prohibits a prison inmate from possessing a cell phone or any telecommunications device.

• S.B. 383: Requires the Commissioner of Insurance to develop flexible guidelines for coverage and approval of health savings accounts. These are high deductible plans which are designed to qualify under federal and state requirements.

• S.B. 433: Establishes “destination cancer hospitals” under certificate of need that will provide diagnostic, therapeutic, treatment and rehabilitative care services to cancer patients.

• S.B. 437: Allows titling of “kit” automobiles and motorcycles.

• S.B. 440: Provides that certain veterans’ organizations may sell pull tab games. Winnings are limited to $500 per person per 24-hour period.

• S.B. 454: Allows Sunday alcohol sales at the Gwinnett County Braves Stadium.

• S.B. 474: Requires registered sex offenders to provide their e-mail addresses and user names to the state and their Internet connections may be monitored or limited.

• S.B. 506: Requires local school systems to conduct a confidential body mass index twice a year for K-12 students with the information to be available only to parents upon request.

• H.B. 967: Exempts Department of Corrections’ hospitals from the state’s certificate of need program.
Legislation introduced
The following bills were introduced in the Senate last week:
• S.B. 497: Requires local school systems that receive state funds to reassign high school foreign language teachers to elementary schools.

• S.B. 500: Introduces a county’s income ranking into the calculation for determining equalization grant funding for education.

• S.B. 528: Replaces the term “deer-farming” with “alternative livestock.”

• S.B. 533: Requires “country of origin” labeling on restaurant menus.

• S.B. 534: Establishes policies and procedures for resolving complaints made by consumers on the delivery of disability services.
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