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Budget bolsters tourism
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The Department of Economic Development has a budget of $43.1 million and is only about 0.2 percent of the state budget.

Most of the department’s budget goes to court industry and market Georgia around the world. Major branches include: business recruitment and development, tourism, international relations and trade, and small and minority business development.
Economic development and tourism budgets:
Economic development:
$200,000 – Increased funds for the Herty Advanced Material Development Center in Savannah
$200,000 – Civil War Trails
$125,000 – Funds for the development of a business plan for the Georgia Tourism Foundation.
$175,000 – Restoration of Augusta’s Powder Works Chimney
$300,000 – Veteran’s Hall of Honor in Augusta
$3 million – for the National Infantry Museum in Columbus
$250,000 – for the Georgia International Maritime Trade Center in Savannah for an economic impact and environmental improvement study
$4,000 – For the Statesboro and Woodstock welcome centers
$110,000 – In operating funds for the Golf Hall of Fame
Reductions in operating funds to the following halls of fame:
($150,000) – Cut to Georgia Music Hall of Fame (FY09 budget $826,790)
($150,000) – Cut to Georgia Sports Hall of Fame (FY09 budget $651,969)
New funds of $125,000 for the Greg Allman Museum addition to the Music Hall of Fame and Induction Ceremony
SB359 – “Made in Georgia” program - will promote goods and products manufactured in Georgia.
HB291 – Georgia Arts Alliance – creates a private entity to support the Georgia Council for the Arts. Will promote the teaching of the arts in secondary schools and provide matching grants for arts programs or student projects
HB953 – War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission will act as a receivership for federal funds.  Will promote education and heritage based tourism. Georgia’s tie is that St. Mary’s was a site of one of the last battles of the war
HB1088 – Promotes development and maintenance of agricultural tourist attractions and will encourage signage on state highways
HR1115 – Urges the Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial Project to use Georgia granite
Bonds for economic development:
$9.8 million for the World Congress Center for land acquisition and parking lot
$5 million for the World Congress Center to help in the rebuilding of the complex after tornadoes this winter
Reminder: Gov. Sonny Perdue has not signed the budget.  Bills not signed are still subject to veto.