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BULLETIN: COVID-19 cases spiking dramatically
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Effingham Health System issued the following report about COVID-19 on Sunday afternoon:

Due to the COVID public health emergency in Effingham and surrounding counties, we are seeing an extraordinary surge in positive COVID patients presenting to the Emergency Department. It has inundated our hospital staff and will tax our resources if we don’t respond promptly. As you know, the positivity rate in our county is steadily increasing. We have seen our rate increase from 11.6% on 7/26 to 19.1% on 8/2, and it continues to get worse each day.  

It is essential that we prioritize COVID testing in the emergency room for patients who are severely ill and have life-threatening emergencies or those who require hospitalization or transfer. 


All other patients with suspected COVID or exposure to COVID will be given instructions to go home and quarantine per CDC guidance. We will advise them when to seek emergency care and to follow up with their primary care physician as appropriate. 


Testing for COVID-19 is available through the Department of Public Health (Effingham County Health Department) or their primary care physician.


We appreciate your support as we navigate these challenging times and this surge in the pandemic that has negatively impacted the health of our community. 


Please get vaccinated, if not for yourself, then for someone you love. Please help us to SAVE LIVES.