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Feed my sheep ... and she did
Lee Ruth mug
Ruth Lee

We all are much poorer, as a community, with the loss of a truly blessed lady who went to her reward last week. The good that she was doing, and had been doing for years, for those with physical needs and spiritual needs, will need many to fill her space.

I am, of course, referencing the death of Linda Snyder. The lady was a true servant of God as she moved among those in the community with many needs. She went about her work quietly and unassuming and has left a legacy that all of us wish we had the strength, the faith, the willingness to day by day to address the needs of the community.

If you did not know Linda, you missed the opportunity to know a soul that knew what is taught in Matthew 25:34-46. She ministered to those in need of food, to those in need of spiritual teaching, to those in prison. She ministered as a Sunday school teacher for the young in her church.

She did the things that the scripture cited admonishes us to do. She basically did what another scripture (John 21:17) “feed my sheep” admonishes.

Her obituary referenced her beginning the “brown bag program.” She did that, but you should also know that she did that out of her home, dedicating space to the needs of the program. It is now a program run by the United Way. It may be one of the very good programs that we might not have for our citizens, if not for Linda’s leading the way.

One could wonder why such a kind and believing soul was taken so suddenly when they were truly doing the work that, I believe, God would have them do. I would hasten to say that I am sure that Linda would not question the hand of God.

The will of God has left a hole for service to mankind in our community … it will take several willing souls to fill that hole. Linda, thank you for all of the good works you have done, thanks for the example you set us. Hopefully some will be inspired to follow your example and “feed my sheep.”